SimpLEGAL is a Budapest-based state-of-the-art digital law firm both in the sense of practice areas and its client service methods. At SimpLEGAL all lawyers' main focus is to deliver results to clients, while keeping all legal solutions SimpLEGAL for them.The digital law firm's team is on a journey of constant discovery of the most suitable legal and LegalTech solutions as well as alternative dispute resolution methods for corporate and private clients. Hence is the team empowered by not only a special combination of lawyers and alternative dispute resolution experts, but with a number of top-tier IT security, tax, legal translators and other specialists as well.

Besides providing package solutions in data protection and data security, SimpLEGAL also counsels companies in a wide range of IT and technology projects, provides day-to-day legal advice concerning data localization and sectoral data security requirements, e-commerce, consumer protection and other civil law matters (especially clients in the IT, technology, finance, health, pharma, telco, retail, production and the fashion sectors).


•    Data protection, data security
•    Cybersecurity
•    E-commerce
•    Cryptocurrencies and FinTech law
•    Intellectual property law
•    Labor law
•    Gaming and gambling law
•    Press and media law
•    Luxury products regulation and trade
•    Environmental law in green spirit
•    Business mediation, alternative dispute resolution
•    M&A
•    Commercial law
•    Asset Management and Insolvency law

Phone: +36 70 236 2005

Garay street 29-31. 1st floor
Budapest, 1076




Kinga Madocsai

Dr. Kinga Madocsai is SimpLEGAL's leading legal problem solver and alternative dispute resolution provider with a special focus on LegalTech solutions besides Civil & Corporate matters, Commercial Law, Asset Management, Insolvency and Environmental Law practice areas. As an attorney she is taking pride in the success stories of SimpLEGAL's various multinational corporate, SME, NGO and private clients resulted by the SimpLEGAL team's state-of-the-art legal services.

What is the INPLP?

INPLP is a not-for-profit international network of qualified professionals providing expert counsel on legal and compliance issues relating to data privacy and associated matters. INPLP provides targeted and concise guidance, multi-jurisdictional views and practical information to address the ever-increasing and intensifying field of data protection challenges. INPLP fulfils its mission by sharing know-how, conducting joint research into data processing practices and engaging proactively in international cooperation in both the private and public sectors.