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Abreu Advogados is an independent Law Firm that in 25 years grew from 6 to over 300 people by successfully applying a 3Q policy - Technical Quality, Organizational Quality and Human Quality. Our international footprint is also a reality: Abreu International Legal Solutions created six desks with highly experienced lawyers in international law who work closely with renowned local partners in emerging economies, such as Angola, Brazil, Cape-Verde, China, Mozambique and Timor-Leste. This allows the firm to provide a smoother experience in jurisdictions where legal risks would usually be higher.

When you think of law firms, are you closed minded? Abreu Advogados opens minds every day. Our claim is “ Future in Practice. ”, and we stand for transparency, team work, flexibility and agility, partnering with our clients to pursue their goals. We always aim for innovation along with quality. This is how “an opened minded law firm” must positioning itself nowadays.

By breaking barriers from offices to practices, talents and capabilities, we create an ecosystem that brings each project to life.

At Abreu Advogados there is a team that matches every client. We work with multidisciplinary teams, bringing together lawyers from needed practices and with expertise in the client’s sector, always having in mind the clients’ needs, to deliver the best legal advice

By fostering conversations through a close and clear relationship, we translate legalese to the language you want to speak.

At Abreu Advogados we speak everything from Latin to JavaScript so nothing is left up to interpretation.

By challeging the status quo through a culture of transparency, we are pioneers of gender equality and diversity.

Abreu Advogados has an open door policy, because ideas have no hierarchy and debate crosses all areas and generations.

By putting the Future into Progress through constant monitoring, we anticipate global changes in minds and markets.

At Abreu Advogados we have specialists focused on innovation and new technologies.

Abreu Advogados has a dedicated team specialised in privacy and data security matters. Through our Data Protection and Cybersecurity Service, we offer solutions that ensure compliance with the applicable legislation on data protection and cybersecurity.

We manage projects aimed at verifying compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable legislation, at assessing impacts on personal data protection, as well as at the assessment of cybersecurity-associated risks, both from a strictly legal perspective and from a technical perspective. In the latter case, we have set up partnerships with other entities for the purpose.

Our work has involved an assortment of clients, from big multinationals to small and medium-sized national enterprises, guiding them in audits – assessing how they gather, process and protect the personal data of the customers or clients, workers and third parties they have dealings with – and providing advice on the day-to-day management of privacy issues, particularly as regards compliance with the guidelines issued by the Portuguese supervisory authority.

Our work provides full coverage for all the areas of substance related to privacy and data protection owing to our experience with clients from a wide variety of leading companies in various sectors, including consumer goods, banking and financial services, health services, internet services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and so on …

In particular, our services cover the following:

  • Initial and periodic audits;
  • Data protection and security litigation;
  • Privacy in human resources;
  • Assessing the impact of new technologies;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Cross-border data transfers.

Ricardo Henriques

Email: ricardo.henriques@abreuadvogados.com

What is the INPLP?

INPLP is a not-for-profit international network of qualified professionals providing expert counsel on legal and compliance issues relating to data privacy and associated matters. INPLP provides targeted and concise guidance, multi-jurisdictional views and practical information to address the ever-increasing and intensifying field of data protection challenges. INPLP fulfils its mission by sharing know-how, conducting joint research into data processing practices and engaging proactively in international cooperation in both the private and public sectors.