A new member has joined the INPLP: Jasmina Brezovska and Katerina Rumenova (North Macedonia)


BONA FIDE is a full-service corporate law firm based in the Republic of North Macedonia and specialized in general corporate/M&A, contract law, and civil law. It represents and provides its legal expertise to numerous local and international companies and individual clients. The law firm was founded in 2011 and quickly became one of the leading and fastest-growing legal offices in the Republic of North Macedonia. BONA FIDE’s strategy is to provide tailor-made solutions for each client with high ethical and professional standards so as to meet every client’s needs. Professional excellence, creative energy, and persistent motivation for personal and organizational advancement in law practice has made BONA FIDE an efficient and reliable choice for its clients, providing them with the highest level of satisfaction and enabling the company’s permanent growth.


Jasmina Brezovska is one of the partner founders. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Law of St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in 2003, where also she completed her master’s studies in the field of Labour Law. During the period from 2001 to 2002, she made a study visit to the University of Augsburg, Germany in the field of EU and International Law. Jasmina has been a member of the Macedonian Bar Association since 2006 and is experienced in providing legal services and assisting her clients in complex transactions dealing with M&A, corporate and commercial issues, day-to-day operations, competition, and the drafting of internal privacy and cookie policies.


Katerina Rumenova graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in 2010. She completed her master’s studies in the field of Intellectual Property Law at St. Cyril and Methodius University and the University of Strasbourg (Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies). She has been a member of the Macedonian Bar Association since 2015. Katerina is also an authorized agent for the protection of industrial property rights, and she specializes in the areas of corporate and M&A, intellectual property, and data protection. She is experienced in drafting internal policies regarding data protection, in cross-border projects related to the compliance of international companies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in representing domestic and foreign companies in the registration of industrial property rights and copyright disputes.


North Macedonia, officially the Republic of North Macedonia, is a country in Southeast Europe. It gained independence in 1991 as one of the successor states of former Yugoslavia. North Macedonia is a landlocked country bordering on Kosovo to the northwest, Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west. Skopje, its capital and largest city, is home to a quarter of the country’s population of 2.06 million.




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