5th INPLP online Webinar


Topics of this meeting were:

  1. MEET&GREET: New member Héctor Guzmán (MEXICO)
  2. BELEN: Next EU-US framework for international data transfers.
  3. ROB: Q&A on the new standard contractual clauses – questions and answers
  4. ADELINA: Key proposals for data protection regulation



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Dr. Tobias Höllwarth (Managing Director INPLP)



What is the INPLP?

INPLP is a not-for-profit international network of qualified professionals providing expert counsel on legal and compliance issues relating to data privacy and associated matters. INPLP provides targeted and concise guidance, multi-jurisdictional views and practical information to address the ever-increasing and intensifying field of data protection challenges. INPLP fulfils its mission by sharing know-how, conducting joint research into data processing practices and engaging proactively in international cooperation in both the private and public sectors.